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Kodelabs AngularJS Course enables you to get familiar with popular JavaScript framework to and learn rapid front-end development.

Every students in graduate courses like, BCA, BSc. etc. learns many languages for developing user Interfaces with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and progressive Java/.Net and PHP.

The intensive demand for Angular in IT Companies is the key to start your career in real web application development. This course provides tangible outputs that are easier to learn, implement and does not require any additional plugins/framework to build live web application. Angular powered by Google is at no time leads to outdate the technology but builds a real fact for upcoming UI/UX demand.

Every students dreams to build intuitive user friendly application like YouTube, PayPal, Netflix, Forbes, Udemy, The Guardian, iStock Photo, UpWork, etc.“

Kodelabs Angular course starts with description of basic MVC architecture and goes on expanding the branches along basic TypeScript know-how, data binding and filtering, Single Page applications and other deep conceptualization. With Kodelabs AngularJS certification, every students can discover a right job opportunity in IT. IT opens multiple areas for the career enhancement, for building own applications, earning money while building right applications. AngularJS benefits you to enhance the knowledge while setting the milestones in IT career growth in web programming.

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With Kodelabs LMS, Students will receive accurate hands-on experience using Course content and assignments weekly. We have genuine enterprise level Full Stack Web Development problem statements to give hands on coding in development labs. Every week LMS portal generates form of assignment for students and submission in relevant time period is recommended. You feel the difference in Development, Testing and Production environment and DevOps Software Cycles.

Regularly students can interact with the respective Instructors for course specific problems and queries and regularly Instructors resolving the Full Stack Web Development queries within 24 hours response time.

LMS provides weekly reports on the course modules completion and track the status of assignments pending. Kodelabs provides you real-time mobile notifications for announcements, leaves, courses missed and pending assignment and credits earned.

On successful completion of Full Stack Web Development course, students will receive a course completion Certificate from Kodelabs School of Java Online plus Offline to publish in your CVs.

Learners and applicants should know the basics for opting the Angular 6 Programming classes i.e. working knowledge of HTML, CSS required and basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery is advantage

  • Student and IT Professional
  • UI/UX designer
  • Back End Developer who want to learn Front-End development
  • Who want to develop a Single Page Applications


    Google Chrome | Visual Studio Code Editor | Angular JS CLI (command line interface)

    • 1. Start from the very basic installation Angular JS in a Web applications.
    • 2. Getting Started
      • • Course Introduction covering what is angular?
      • • Project Setup and first App
    • 3.The Basics
      • • What is AngularJs? How an Angular App gets Loaded and Started.
      • • How to Configure AngularJS Applications.
      • • What is Root Element in AngularJS.
      • • How to Bootstrap the web Apps by using ng-app?
      • • How to Extend HTML DOM with additional attributes?
      • • What hat is Angular Js Expressions and how to use?
      • • Start with Component and Directives
    • 4. Debugging
      • Topics Covered
      • • Understanding Angular Error Messages
      • • How to use Source maps and Augury
    • 5.Components & Databinding Deep Dive
      • • Property & Event Binding Overview
      • • Understanding the Component Lifecycle
    • 6.Directives Deep Dive
    • Learn the basic of how to build a modern, complex, single page and scalable web applications with Angular.

        Topics Covered
      • • ngFor, ngIf, ngClass and ngStyle
      • • Creating a Basic Attribute Directive
      • • Using the Renderer to build a Better Attribute Directive
      • • Understanding HostListener and HostBinding to Bind to Host Properties
      • • Binding to Directive Properties and Structural Directive
    • 7.Using Services & Dependency Injection
      • • Define Dependency Injection and list of Dependency Annotation
      • • Understanding Angular service and Hierarchical Injector
      • • How many Instances of Service Should It Be?
    • 8. Changing Pages with Routing
      • • What is Router and How we use it?
      • • How to use $routeProvider?
      • • Setting up and Loading Routes?
      • • Understanding Route Parameters and Query Parameters
      • • An Introduction to Guards
    • 9. Understanding Observables
      • • What is Observables
      • • Using Subjects to Pass AND Listen to Data
    • 10.Handling Forms in Angular Apps
      • • Angular Forms
      • • Understanding Template Driven Forms and Reactive Approach
    • 11. Using Pipes to Transform Output
      • • Introduction & Why Pipes are Useful
      • • Understanding the "async" Pipe
    • 12.Making Http Requests
      • • Introduction & How Http Requests Work in SPAs
      • • Using the "async" Pipe with Http Requests
    • 13.Deploying an Angular App
      • • Deployment Preparations and Important Steps
      • • Deploying to server

      • Bonus: TypeScript Introduction (for Angular 2 Usage)
      • • Wrap up & Modules
      • • Introduction, Understanding Types, Classes, Interfaces and Generics

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  • Angular course material access on code repositories which are focused and up-to-date
  • Full source code of the prototype apps for reference material and practice
  • Focus on every student with definite batch size.
  • 3 Months access to LMS courses packed with assignments, assessment test, and discussion forum to better practice.
  • Fast Track courses available with lowest Fee structure at School of Java.

  • Tap for AngularJS Certification course to ensure success while entering doors to IT and MNCs companies.


    Kodelabs sponsored AngularJS certificate of participation would be issued on successful completion of the course at School of Java.

    Note*: Complete course attended is mandatory to get the certificate.


  • Unique Schooling by IT professionals from Pitney Bowes, and IndiaMart and many more
  • Develop A-Z for real world products and enterprise application
  • Exposure to live development myths and problems IT Experts faced everyday
  • Working code bases implemented for a real-life project
  • Actual insights of Job-Oriented Angular Environment.
  • Query Session and back-up classes
  • Interview Preparation
  • Hands on assignments weekly via LMS access
  • Live chat support
  • Follow a structured curriculum as per engineering syllabus and mapping with theoretical pattern of graduation and masters programme
  • Confidence building & Improve communication skills
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    Trainer’s Name

    Ashwani Kumar

    Course Fee

    INR 12,500

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    Weekend 11.00 am:2.00 pm

    Difficulty Level


    Course Duration

    6 Weeks


    HTML, CSS required

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