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Kodelabs training offers best Python training in Delhi, specially designed for ambitious freshers seeking jobs in current challenges IT era, upcoming student, web developer or game developers. Under the guidance of real-time IT industry experts, students will be offered to build a strong capabilities around how to learn Python programming to get a dream job and becoming a Python developer.

Kodelabs not only helps you in increasing your potential but also build opportunities in finding right job into Big Data ,Machine Learning. Kodelabs deals with basic web development and machine learning concepts using Python and has collaboration with many industries looking forward for Python developers with 1-2 years of exp.

Kodelabs not only helps you in increasing your potential but also build opportunities in finding right job into Big Data ,Machine Learning. Kodelabs deals with basic web development and machine learning concepts using Python and has collaboration with many industries looking forward for Python developers with 1-2 years of exp.

    “Many globally established companies such as PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn uses MEAN Stack, because it allows the entire client to server code written in JavaScript and simple to learn and build an application to suit one’s needs.”

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With Kodelabs LMS, Students will receive accurate hands-on experience using Course content and assignments weekly. We have genuine enterprise level Full Stack Web Development problem statements to give hands on coding in development labs. Every week LMS portal generates form of assignment for students and submission in relevant time period is recommended. You feel the difference in Development, Testing and Production environment and DevOps Software Cycles.

Regularly students can interact with the respective Instructors for course specific problems and queries and regularly Instructors resolving the Full Stack Web Development queries within 24 hours response time.

LMS provides weekly reports on the course modules completion and track the status of assignments pending. Kodelabs provides you real-time mobile notifications for announcements, leaves, courses missed and pending assignment and credits earned.

On successful completion of Full Stack Web Development course, students will receive a course completion Certificate from Kodelabs School of Java Online plus Offline to publish in your CVs.

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Fresher student and IT Professional
  • Programmers switching languages to Python.
  • Intermediate Python programmers who want to level up their skills
  • Business Analyst


    Python interpreter | Text Editor | Eclipse IDE


  • Internalize the concepts & constructs of Python
  • Use built-in and user-defined functions
  • Perform string manipulations
  • The complete knowledge of Python to create a real- time applications
  • Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up
  • Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with time stamps
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Python such as object oriented programming, variables and control flow structures
  • Learn to use Python’s object-oriented design & extensive support libraries to create and deliver Python packages
  • Learn to unit test Python applications and explore its strong integration and text processing capabilities.
  • Core Python
    • 1.Introduction to Python
      • Topics Covered
      • • About Python?
      • • Learn about Interpreted Languages
      • • Using the Interpreter and Running a Python Script
      • • Python Scripts on Windows/UNIX
      • • Python Editors and IDEs
      • • Using Variables, Keywords, Built-in functions
      • • String, Different Literals, Math Operators and Expressions
      • • Writing to Screen, String Formatting and Command Line Parameters
    • 2.Object Oriented Programming in Python
      • Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Python Classes
      • • Defining Classes
      • • Initializers
      • • Instance Methods
      • • Properties
      • • Class Methods and Data
      • • Static Methods
      • • Private Methods and Inheritance
      • • Module Aliases and Regular Expressions
    • 3.Flow Control in-Depths
      • Topics Covered
      • • About Flow Control
      • • Indenting is significant
      • • The if and else if statements
      • • while loops and using lists
      • • Using the for statement
      • • The range() function
    • 4. Sequence and File Operations
      • Topics Covered
      • • Lists, Tuples and Indexing and Slicing
      • • Iterating through a Sequence
      • • Functions for all Sequences
      • • Using Enumerate()
      • • Operators and Keywords for Sequences
      • • The xrange() function and List Comprehensions
      • • Generator Expressions and Dictionaries and Sets
    • 5.Functions
      • Topics Covered
      • • Syntax of function definition
      • • Formal parameters
      • • Global versus local variables
      • • Passing parameters and returning values
    • 6.Working with Files
      • Topics Covered
      • • Text file I/O overview
      • • Opening a text file
      • • Reading text files
      • • Raw (binary) data
      • • Using the pickle module
      • • Writing to a text file
    • 7.Errors and Exception Handling
      • Topics Covered
      • • Dealing with syntax errors
      • • Exceptions
      • • Handling exceptions with try/except
      • • Cleaning up with finally
    • 8.Dictionaries and Sets
      • Topics Covered
      • • Dictionary overview
      • • Creating dictionaries
      • • Dictionary functions
      • • Fetching keys or values
      • • Testing for existence of elements
      • • Deleting elements
    • 9.Using Modules
      • Topics Covered
      • • The Import Statement
      • • Module Search Path
      • • Package Installation Ways
    • 10.Regular Expressions
      • Topics Covered
      • • RE Objects
      • • Pattern matching
      • • Parsing data
      • • Sub expressions
      • • Complex substitutions
      • • RE tips and tricks
    Advanced Python Training Course
    • MODULE 1
      • Topics Covered
      • • Command Line arguments
      • • Standard data streams and Redirection
      • • Os module and Sub-process modules
      • • Forking processes and Exec functions
      • • Working with comprehensions
      • • Working with Descriptors, Iterators, Generators and Decorators
      • • The yield statement range and x-range
      • • Working with Context Managers
      • • Wrapping Objects and Callback functions Duck Typing,
      • • Monkey Patching in Python Encapsulating Object Creation: Factory
    • MODULE 2
      • Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Threads in python
      • • Thread module threading module
      • • Introduction to Pipes in python anonymous pipes named pipes, fifos
      • • Introduction to Recursion Recursive functions in Python Depth of Recursion
    • MODULE 3
      • Topics Covered
      • • CGI Programming
      • • Introduction to WSGI
      • • Introduction to PEP3333
      • • Bottle Framework Flask Framework Web Test Framework
      • • Create a basic Web Service in python
      • • Working with Databases and Connecting with Cassandra DB, SQLite3
      • • MySQL Database Operations
    • MODULE 4
      • Topics Covered
      • • Network Programming
      • • Working with XML Files
      • • Developing GUIs
      • • Working with SMTP
      • • Integrating Python with other Languages

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  • Python course material access on code repositories which are focused and up-to-date
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  • Focus on every student with definite batch size
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  • Step-by-step assessments and modules designed by industry experts.

  • Tap for Python Certification course to ensure success while entering doors to IT and MNCs companies.


    Kodelabs sponsored Python program certificate of participation would be issued on successful completion of the course at School of Java.

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  • Exposure to live development myths and problems IT Experts faced everyday
  • Working code bases implemented for a real-life project
  • Actual insights of Job-Oriented Python Environment.
  • Query Session and back-up classes
  • Interview Preparation
  • Hands on assignments weekly via LMS access
  • Live chat support
  • Follow a structured curriculum as per engineering syllabus and mapping with theoretical pattern of graduation and masters programme
  • Confidence building & Improve communication skills
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    2.5 Months


    Basic HTML, CSS

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