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Learn insights of PHP with Codeigniter Framework

Kodelabs PHP with Codeigniter Framework training development course provides you the opportunity to start your career as a full stack web developer in a next level. Kodelabs PHP Stack is a collective course that brings four most popular and demanding JavaScript libraries.

Kodelabs PHP training is designed by IT industry experts with a general purpose of course to enable trainees to confidently build all different types of application using PHP and Codeigniter. This course is for anyone who wants to learn backend programming for SaaS based applications using best frameworks of PHP

    “Many globally established companies such as PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn uses Codeigniter, because it allows the entire client to server code written in JavaScript and simple to learn and build an application to suit one’s needs.”

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With Kodelabs LMS, Students will receive accurate hands-on experience using Course content and assignments weekly. We have genuine enterprise level Full Stack Web Development problem statements to give hands on coding in development labs. Every week LMS portal generates form of assignment for students and submission in relevant time period is recommended. You feel the difference in Development, Testing and Production environment and DevOps Software Cycles.

Regularly students can interact with the respective Instructors for course specific problems and queries and regularly Instructors resolving the Full Stack Web Development queries within 24 hours response time.

LMS provides weekly reports on the course modules completion and track the status of assignments pending. Kodelabs provides you real-time mobile notifications for announcements, leaves, courses missed and pending assignment and credits earned.

On successful completion of Full Stack Web Development course, students will receive a course completion Certificate from Kodelabs School of Java Online plus Offline to publish in your CVs.

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • Professional and students who interested to learn PHP and Codeigniter
  • Web developers
  • Technical Project managers and Technical leads


    Visual Code, Text Editor | MongoDB | AngularJS CLI


  • Build websites with HTML, CSS and JS
  • A REST API with a database, and a fully working single page application
  • Create and consume REST APIs
  • HTTP web server and handle requests and responses
  • Handle Sessions, Cookies, and Session Stores
  • Learn to create and test enterprise style applications
    • 1.Setting Up
      • Topics Covered
      • • Explaining MVC
      • • Installing code Igniter
      • • Using Chrome browser inspecting tools
      • • Setup NetBeans IDE (Optional)
      • • .htaccess Pretty URL's & Development Modes
    • 2.Project: Creating The First Sections
      • Topics Covered
      • • Front-End Setup: CSS, JS Includes (Jquery & Twitter Bootstrap)
      • • Home Controller
      • • Home View
      • • Daashboard Controller
      • • Dashboard View
      • • Chapter 2 Quiz
    • 3. Project: Creating our first Model
      • Topics Covered
      • • Creating a Database with Heidi SQL (Optional)
      • • Using The Database Class & Active Record
      • • Create a User Model
      • • Using the Profiler to Debug
    • 4. Project: Logging a User In
      • Topics Covered
      • • Session Class
      • • Post Class & jQuery AJAX
      • • Encryption vs Hashing
      • • jQuery AJAX, Effects and Animations
      • • Chapter Quiz
    • 5. Project: Registering Users
      • Topics Covered
      • • Setup Registration Area
      • • Using & Extending the Form Validator
      • • Security Notes
    • 6. Project: Refactoring to an API and Getting JavaScript Buck-Wild
      • Topics Covered
      • • Create an API Controller & Prepare For New Methods!
      • • Creating a Solid Javascript Structure
      • • Create the JavaScript Dashboard File
    • 7. Advancing our Javascript Structure
      • Topics Covered
      • • Javascript Create Ability
      • • Improving our JS Result
      • • Loading From Database
      • • JavaScript Delete Ability & Debugging
      • • JavaScript Update Note Completion and Undo
    • 8.Creating a Reusable CRUD model
      • Topics Covered
      • • Adding GET ability
      • • Adding INSERT and DELETE Ability
      • • Adding UPDATE Ability
      • • Refactoring our API Code with the CRUD Model
    • 9.Creating Notes
      • Topics Covered
      • • PHP and JS to List and Create!
      • • Preparing the Note Update: PHP and JS Templating/Event
      • • Saving the Note Updates: PT 1
      • • Saving the Note Updates: PT 2
      • Deleting Notes
      • Making the Create Forms Display Dynamically
      • Code Cleanup & Current Project Files
    • 10. Appearance: Twitter Bootstrap
      • Topics Covered
      • • Bootstrapping the Login/Register Forms
      • • Bootstrapping the Todo: PT 1
      • • Bootstrapping the Todo: PT 2 (Revised)
      • • Bootstrapping the Notes
      • • Fixing Display Bugs
      • • Closing Remarks

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  • PHP course material access on code repositories which are focused and up-to-date
  • Full source code of the prototype apps for reference material and practice
  • Focus on every student with definite batch size
  • 3 Months access to LMS courses packed with assignments, assessment test with Credit rating, and discussion forum to better practice
  • Fast track career oriented courses available with lowest fee structure at School of Java
  • Regular one to one session with Industries expert
  • Experience full-time IT exposure dedicated to industry-leading practices like dev/test/prod environment
  • Working on real time projects
  • Our Kodelabs team regularly boosts you with latest technology practices and make you achieve your professional desires.

  • Tap for PHP Certification course to ensure success while opening doors into IT and MNCs companies.


    Kodelabs sponsored PHP certificate of participation would be issued on successful completion of the course at School of Java.

    Note*: Complete course attended is mandatory to get the certificate.


  • Online Link and Offline course completions certificate after course completion
  • Build multiple front-end and back-end assignments and projects
  • Meet with mentors via Slack and Video Chats for any query
  • DevOps practices for understanding all topics with IT industries instructor in right manner
  • Assessment and code review by IT Expert
  • Query Session and back-up classes
  • There is a quiz session every week for testing your knowledge of all features of the MEAN stack
  • Hands on assignments weekly via LMS access
  • Live chat support
  • Get career ready with hands on, practical knowledge
  • Build and test your self-build PHP applications
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    Trainer’s Name

    Lalit Singh

    Course Fee

    INR 25,000

    Available Seats



    Weekend 02.00 pm:5.00 pm

    Difficulty Level


    Course Duration

    2.5 Months


    Basic HTML, CSS

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