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11 Digital Marketing course under a single roof

Kodelabs Digital Marketing training program is designed for everyone, who wants to earn and gain industry opportunity by career in Marketing. Kodelabs turns out as best Digital Marketing institutes in Noida that offers top-quality training environment, 11 digital marketing courses in single bucket for enclosed training in order to turn the ball in digital marketing era with flexible training schedules.

Talking about Digital Marketing, its coming out as one of the hottest skill in the market by “Inc Magazine”. Being a strategy, a branding or marketing exercise for all digital channels, Kodelabs Digital Marketing training will not only cover marketing chapters but provides SEO, SMO and Email Marketing etc. tools for hand-ons practical experience and acknowledged best certification for digital marketing.

On completion of Digital Marketing training, you can start your career in Digital Marketing as an entrepreneur venture, strengthen the foots of your own business by digital marketing expertise and find high paying jobs in top marketing companies.

At Kodelabs training, you have to follow some steps for basic website optimization:

  • Understanding the overview and advantage in doing online marketing
  • How to create a website
  • Doing research for business relevant Keywords
  • Adding right content to the websites
  • Optimizing website using on-page optimization
  • Getting website indexed in Google
  • Build quality backlinks and online presence
  • Monitoring performance and ranking with various tools
  • Learning how to do it yourself to gain confident for long period

    • “Kodelabs course structure is a complete bundle to understand + plan + implement online marketing tips and techniques. From a research done by, its proven that the demand of Digital Marketing professionals will rise by 38% every year.”

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    With Kodelabs LMS, Students will receive accurate hands-on experience using Course content and assignments weekly. We have genuine enterprise level Full Stack Web Development problem statements to give hands on coding in development labs. Every week LMS portal generates form of assignment for students and submission in relevant time period is recommended. You feel the difference in Development, Testing and Production environment and DevOps Software Cycles.

    Regularly students can interact with the respective Instructors for course specific problems and queries and regularly Instructors resolving the Full Stack Web Development queries within 24 hours response time.

    LMS provides weekly reports on the course modules completion and track the status of assignments pending. Kodelabs provides you real-time mobile notifications for announcements, leaves, courses missed and pending assignment and credits earned.

    On successful completion of Full Stack Web Development course, students will receive a course completion Certificate from Kodelabs School of Java Online plus Offline to publish in your CVs.

    No prior knowledge of marketing or technical skills required

  • Website owners who want to increase web traffic, conversions, and sales
  • Business owners who want to use digital marketing (social media, content marketing, YouTube, and many other strategies) to expand their business
  • Anyone who want to use digital marketing(social media, content marketing, YouTube, and many other plan of action) to grow their business


    Gmail Account | Google Analytics and Adwords Free Accounts


  • Understanding of online business
  • Various tools and techniques for digital marketing
  • Learning SEO and on-page optimization tips
  • End-to-end Google AdWords PPC campaigns
  • Understand Google Analytics
  • Working with Google Webmaster
  • Get to know about social media marketing
  • Ways to get people to follow and share your content
  • Learn metrics to determine effective campaigns
  • Google Reporting tools and evaluation techniques
    • 1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • You will learn about different aspects of Digital Marketing and how they come together in a united and stunning Digital Marketing plan.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Digital Marketing
      • • The 4-Cs of Digital Marketing( Cost, Consumer, Communication, Convenience)
      • • Customer Persona, Comparing digital and offline marketing
      • • Introduction to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools
      • • Introduction to sales funnels
    • 2.SEO Keyword Planning
    • Learn about Science behind SEO and how to drive Traffic to your website using keyword planning

      Always you hear that for a better website ranking you have opt for SEO, so basically what is SEO? It is the process of moving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's using technical, natural and organic search results.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to SEO, Inbound Vs Outbound traffic
      • • Domain Authority, Page Authority Using Moz Toolbar
    • 3.SEO On-page
    • Here, you will understand about driving organic traffic to your website and also learn about webmaster tool which helps On-Page SEO.

        Topics Covered
      • • Understanding how Google search works
      • • On-Page SEO, Optimizing Text, Optimizing Images Using Meta tags
      • • URL Structure, Redirects, Handling duplicate content, Site Speed
      • •• Using Webmaster tool for On-Page SEO
    • 4.SEO-Off Page
    • You will understand about driving traffic to your website via Off Page SEO tectics like link Building and other Off Page techniques.

        Topics Covered
      • • Off Page SEO, Link Building Technique
      • • How to get Backlinks, How to build content for Backlinks
      • • Using media and PR for Backlinks, Internal Linking
      • • Using Webmaster for Off Page SEO, Using SEO power suite to track keyword ranking
    • 5.Social Media Marketing-1
    • You will learn how to leverage Social Media to gain organic traffic to your website.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Social Media
      • • How to get referral traffic from other sites
      • • How to get Social Media referral traffic
      • • Driving referral traffic from Facebook
      • • Driving referral traffic from LinkedIn
      • • Driving referral traffic from YouTube
      • • Driving referral traffic from Twitter
      • • Other sources of Organic traffic.
    • 6.Social Media Marketing-2
    • In this module, you will learn how to leverage Social Media to gain paid traffic to your website.

        Topics Covered
      • • Running paid campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter
      • • Using URL tagging and Google Analytics to track these paid campaigns from social platforms
    • 7.Search Engine Marketing
    • In this module, you will learn how to increase the visibility of your website using paid advertising in search engines like Google and Bing.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Google search ads
      • • Researching competitive Keywords, frequencies and search volumes
      • • Sources for paid traffic, Creating Campaigns & Ads in Google AdWords platform
      • • Display advertising, Creating and Managing your Ad Campaign and re-targeting the followers
    • 8. Email Marketing
    • You will learn the importance of Email Marketing training and how it can be leveraged to improve sales of any business

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Email Marketing, Email Marketing Cycle
      • • Building Email List, Creating a lead magnet
      • • Setting up a squeeze page, Tackling spam
      • • Effective Content strategies and Tips to improve conversion
    • 9.Content Marketing
    • Learn the art of creating not just content but engagement philosophies that is strong to change your readers mind and help them involved to increase conversions.

        Topics Covered
      • • Content Marketing Course—Definition
      • • What's In It For Me Preview
      • • Objectives Preview
      • • Origins of Content Marketing
      • • Content Marketing Overlap
      • • Effective vs. Ineffective
      • • The No-strategy Penalty
      • • Redundancy and plagiarism win techniques
    • 10.Online Reputation Management (ORM)
    • Learn the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online, how to identify and clean up any damaging content about you online, like negative Google results, risky social media posts, and images

        Topics Covered
      • • What is online reputation management?
      • • Why online reputation management is need of hour?
      • • Understanding ORM scenario
      • • How to deal with criticism online
      • • 10 Online reputation management Commandments
      • • Methods of creating positive brand image online
      • • Understanding tools for monitoring online reputation
      • • Guide to overcome negative online reputation
      • • Live examples of online reputation management and achievements
    • 11.Mobile Marketing
    • Learn how to target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social channels, and apps etc.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
      • • Mobile Products and Services
      • • Incentives and Loyalty Programs
      • • Location tapping and leads opportunities
      • • Mobile Advertising
      • • Communicating with Mobile Audiences
      • • Rules and Regulations for Mobile advertisement
      • • Mobile Measurement
      • • Integrating Mobile and Other Disciplines
    • 12 Understanding Google Analytics
    • Get a 360 degree overview on how to monitor and analyse the statistics of your campaigns, conversions, sales activity and more.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Google Analytics
      • • Introduction to sales funnel and capturing leads
      • • Using Google Analytics to understand visitor behavior, Heat Maps and targeting demographics to customize sales and making purchase streamline
      • • Introduction to Landing Pages, Using Unbounce to create an effective landing page
    • 13.Mastering Google Analytics-1
    • You will learn about setting up goals and tracking website performance using Google Analytics

        Topics Covered
      • • Conversions & Goals, Ecommerce Analytics, Multi Channel Funnels
      • • Adwords Analytics, Tracking website performance using Google Analytics
      • • Tracking form submissions and clicks using events
      • • Optimizing the overall campaign performance.
    • 14.Mastering Google Analytics-2
    • You will learn about, how to maximize your revenues using funnels and analytics.

        Topics Covered
      • • Introduction to Enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics
      • • Learning from major competitors
      • • Using tools for competitive analysis.

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  • Actual insights of Job-Oriented Digital Marketing.
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  • Hands on assignments weekly via LMS access
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  • Follow a structured curriculum as per management syllabus and mapping with theoretical pattern of graduation and masters programme
  • Confidence building & Improve communication skills
  • This course is designed for clearing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Certification & Google AdWords Certification
  • Preparation for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and YouTube exams
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